The Perfect Day (The Middle Day of 2019)

Today is the perfect day. If you’re look for a sign, this article is it. July 2 is the middle day of the year—182 have passed and there are 182 to go. Whatever the status of your yearly goals, five year plan, 10 year plan, etc. dust them off. Today is your day. I won’t leave you with voluminous words today. The year is not over! We are dead smack in the middle. Get moving. Get going.

Three days ago, I took a major step in my wellbeing. I made a move I’d never made before. Had a breakthrough of sorts. While it’s far too soon to talk about it publically, the sentiment I can share. Whatever you need to do to reach your next level of success, please start today. If you want to lose weight, walk 15 minutes today. If you want to write a book, write down your initial ideas. If you want to start your savings, tuck a dollar away somewhere. My point—get started. Don’t you dare let this day (whatever day you’re reading this) go by without making a move closer to your goals. And if you don’t have any goals, then write down a draft of some goals or aspirations!

Today is your day.

Your obedient servant,
Rev. George H. Latimer-Knight, J.D.

Everlasting Dawn of Progression 2019

Today we celebrate the Everlasting Dawn of Progression! Here is the 16 minute video I recorded last year reflecting on this great day: [.] Be blessed. Reset your 2019 goals. Say a special prayer of deliverance for anyone that you know is struggling. As you pray and do good things for others, others will pray and do good things for you. Amen.

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