Why I Maintain FatherHurley.com

All Hail to the Christ Within,

Over the years, I’ve been asked numerous times why I created and maintain FatherHurley.com. There are probably infinite ways to answer this but here is an official attempt.

This ministry goes back to January 2000. I was in a computer lab at the University of Detroit Mercy during my freshman year. While checking my email, I heard a voice say, “Build a website about me.” I took this “me” to be Father Hurley. So I figured out how to buy a domain name and launch a website. The website launched on March 17, 2000. At the end of 2001, I purchased “FatherHurley.com” and relaunched under that name on New Year’s Day 2002.

Now let me explain why I continue to maintain this ministry after nearly 14 years. I am a lifelong member of the Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church, founded by Father George W. Hurley on September 23, 1923. The teachings of Father Hurley have been the foundation of every good thing that has ever happened to me. For me, maintaining this website is really among the least things I can do to show my appreciation to him.

Father Hurley was a leading figure in his day but still doesn’t receive the recognition he rightfully deserves, even from the academic community. This website gives people a contact point. Through this ministry, an archive dedicated to Father Hurley and the UHSC has been established at the Bentley Library at the University of Michigan. In fact, this very website is also archived by the library.

This website is also an evangelistic tool. Over the years people have contacted me with interest in joining the UHSC. Several have even joined temples in their respective cities. A few joined under my mother’s temple and were correspondent members. A number of existing UHSC members make use of this ministry and I am thankful for that.

Of course, this ministry has been criticized. Some critics were people who are against the teachings of Father Hurley. I did the best I could to enlighten these folks. Because of my university philosophy training, I love a good debate. Some criticisms have come internally from UHSC members and leaders. This doesn’t bother me as it once did. God gave me this vision and some will never see it the way I do.

I had a neighbor before I left Detroit who was very rowdy. Late one night she was outside arguing with another neighbor. She said very loudly, “Yeah, I’m a crack head! So what!” Hearing this changed my life. This woman was declaring proudly to the world that she’s addicted to crack cocaine. Why shouldn’t I proudly declare to the world that I am an ordained minister of the Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church? Why shouldn’t I proudly publish my first book this year on a spiritual biblical philosophy? Why should I be ashamed when preachers and so-called saints of all denominations post pictures of themselves with alcoholic beverages and all their assets hanging out on social media websites?

Saints and friends, God has called me to this ministry and I will walk in this calling the rest of my days. I am thankful—I am grateful—I am blessed—and so are you.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
Rev. George H. Latimer-Knight

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