Mind, Body, and Spirit – (2) The Body

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The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. We cannot obtain success unless all three are in order. In this 9-part series, we are going address this subject in detail. The first three posts will define and introduce each individual term. The other posts will discuss the terms in pairs to see how these co-equal parts of our being work together.

(2) The Body

Our body is our earthly home. Those who suffer from pain and illness know more than most the value of the body. Our bodies were formed in our mother’s womb. The body was born and it will die. But we nonetheless have to be careful of how we treat our bodies.

The human body is the temple of God. You are not your body. The physical realm is not the extent of reality. But it’s the reality we are accustomed to. The body has many natural desires. As Mother Hurley wrote, “The want of food, water, and sex are natural.” But those natural desires get many of us in a world of trouble.

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