The Flesh Can Never Be Satisfied

Dear Friends and Saints of the Most High God. This morning I could hear the Apostle Paul saying, “I have no confidence in my flesh.” (See Philippians 3:3.) More and more I understand this concept.

The flesh will lead you astray. The lower self will cause you to give up on the word God implanted in your heart. The flesh will cause you to believe that your wrong actions are justified. The flesh will cloud your judgment as you digress into the pits of degradation. The weakness of the flesh cannot be changed. It will always be weak.

The spirit is strong. We can disciple the mind. And when properly trained, the mind has rule over the flesh. The best way to train the mind, and become one with the Spirit of God, is by internalizing the word of God. Each and everyday is a new opportunity to be renewed in the word, pray unto God, and meditate on his goodness.

The flesh must be disciplined too. In this case, I suppose it would be best to say—the body must be disciplined. Eat a balanced diet everyday. Except for maybe the occasional treat: avoid “junk food” at all cost. Exercise at least two to three days a week. Do I do all of this—no, not consistently. But I am striving to get on track. Join me!

The flesh can never be satisfied. No matter the trial, no matter the test, the instigator is almost always is your flesh. Speak to your flesh. Tell your flesh to align with God’s word. Tell your mind to align with God’s word. Tell your inner self to align with God’s word. This is a daily exercise, a hourly exercise—my Lord—a moment by moment exercise!

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
Rev. George H. Latimer-Knight

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