2016: The Year of Celebration

All Hail to the Christ Within!

Ladies and gentlemen—brothers and sisters—there are an abundance of blessing flowing in the spirit realm right now. Lift up your hands. Through your imagination, see the blessings going through your hands and fingers. Believe, then know, that if you concentrate in faith, you can catch whatever blessings you need at this hour.

The Spirit of God impressed me that 2016 is the Year of Celebration. What are we celebrating? Anything and everything! It’s celebration time. Gratefulness goes hand-in-hand with this declaration. For even in our darkest hour, there is something to be grateful for, and by extension, something to celebrate. I’ve been celebrating everyday. I encourage you to do the same.

Challenges will arise. All the careful planning in the world can’t prevent all challenges from arising. But if we maintain a life of prayer, meditation, and fasting—we can anticipate the challenges in the spirit. The Holy Spirit won’t always give us a detailed warning. Often, the warning comes as an unattached directive. The spirit may impress you to, “Turn left at the corner, instead of right.” Even if a right turn would be the quickest route—that left turn may save a life.

We still hear the worn phrase—if there is a God, why doesn’t he save us. The truth is—God has already given us all that we need. Our broken world is the result of disobedience and ungratefulness.

Celebrate your way out of trouble this year. Celebrate in anticipation of what God will do for you. Celebrate with the expectation that God has an answer to all of your problems. Celebrate knowing that through prayer, meditation, and fasting, the answers will surely come. All the answers won’t come at once. But little by little, the revelation will be made known to you. And when your vision is cloudy, celebrate and eagerly await the man, woman, boy, or girl that God will send your way with the word of wisdom you need.

Celebrate brothers and sisters. Celebrate ladies and gentlemen. 2016 is the year of celebration!

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
Rev. George H. Latimer-Knight

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