The Greatness of Father Hurley Persists

All Hail to the Christ Within,

Today, we pause and consider that 73 years ago today, Father George W. Hurley made his transition into the spirit realm. There are only a few living members that remember his passing and the pain caused when our Prophet and Founder left the scene.

The transition was difficult for many, who lost faith in the Hagar movement. For them, Father Hurley was the movement and without him it couldn’t go on. While no one can pretend that the Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church Association is all it can be, to be sure the UHSCA is still a powerful organization. Even with our flaws, we have maintained the essence of Father Hurley’s message. The leadership believes in the movement. The only point of contention, such as it is, is how the movement should proceed. We all have different ideas. But ultimately, I have faith that the Hagar movement will continue on for years to come.

The lifeblood of the Hagar movement is the youth. The young people’s dedication all but guarantee that the UHSCA will live on. As those in my generation raise our children “in the way” the message gains new life. And as Princess Georgia Latimer would say, “Where there is life, there is hope.” So the UHSCA has great hope for the future.

Again, few of us experienced the grief and sadness of Father Hurley’s physical passing. So really, the only way this day could take on a spirit of grief and sadness now is if the UHSCA fails to carry on the Hagar movement. And the UHSCA cannot carry on the Hagar movement, unless it is alive in the hearts and minds of the saints, ministers, and friends of the movement. Now I know the question burning in your minds: What is the Hagar movement?

The Hagar movement is the advancement of spiritual principles and the upliftment of fallen humanity. For me, there are several components to advancement: archives, dissemination, and recording.

Archives of past UHSCA materials must be our priority. Whatever audio or video recordings of Hagar events that exists must be digitally preserved. Then these digital preservations must be housed somewhere secure and accessible.

Dissemination is the current means by which we pass down the spiritual principles laid down by Father Hurley and his co-workers. We must continue having our services, classes, meetings, convocations, and conventions. We must also expand into radio and television ministry—yesterday! The time is now!

Recording of our current events and thoughts is necessary for our future. Every public Hagar service should be recorded by either audio, video, or both and immediately put in queue to be archived. Books and articles by the current leaders, ministers, and saints need to go into high gear. We must learn from our elders before they leave us and record them. As I previously stated, only a few people remain that saw Father Hurley; we must record their thoughts on their witness of him.

This may seem like an odd memorial it’s not. I memorialize Father Hurley this day by committing to and encouraging my brothers and sisters to solider on for the Hagar movement. NEVER, EVER, let go of your spiritual faith. Keep the Spirit of Father Hurley alive in your heart. That is the best memorial any of us can offer him.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
Rev. George H. Latimer-Knight
Written June 23, 2016 at age 34

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  1. What was the nature of Father George W. Hurley’s passing?

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