About Us

The Light of Prophecy Ministries is here to teach everyone how to connect with the Christ within.

Original Call

In January 2000, George Latimer-Knight heard a voice say, “Build a website about me.” Taking the “me” to be Father George W. Hurley, the original version of this ministry was launched on March 17, 2000. Over the years, this Internet Ministry has expanded to the real world.

Our Beliefs

Our belief system mirrors that of the Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church Association. The UHSCA was established September 23, 1923 by Father George W. Hurley in Detroit, Michigan. There are currently 25 Temples and Missions throughout the United States

Our Founder

Reverend George H. Latimer-Knight has spent his entire life serving the people of God and nearly half his life in the ministry

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More About Us

This ministry is designed to inspire you and awaken you from your long night of sleep.

We are here to serve you. Every video. Every post. Every page. Everything we do is designed with you in mind. We love you. We care about you. You are our heart!.

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Your Life Can Change Today

Is your life not quite the way you pictured it? Do you want more out of life? What are you waiting on? Are you looking for a sign?.

Today is the only sign you need! The fact that you’re alive, reading these words, is your sign. If God were through with you, you’d already be gone. Your life has an infinite value. Look within—that’s where God dwells. Everything you need is within.