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Health Report 003: Basic Yoga, pt 1

Thank you for following our Health Report…

First, let’s check in on my weight loss progress:

Week Four Weigh-in (Sunday, September 22, 2013)

(Bi)Weekly Weight Loss: 1.8 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 74.6 pounds
(from 07/15/11)

I skipped the Week Three weigh-in ONLY because I was out of town that weekend and forgot to bring my scale. But, in the spirit of honesty, I overate that weekend and probably gained for that week. Thankfully, for the two weeks there was a move in the right direction.

As we have previously discussed, weight loss is our secondary goal. Our primary goal is health and wellness. And to obtain our maximum, we need a balanced diet and regular exercise. To that end, I would like to briefly suggest yoga. My wife started doing yoga during the summer and inspired me to give it a try. I did some research and ran across “Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, [which] is a series of 12 postures performed in a single, graceful flow.” ( (also see, I’m going to try it this week and share my experiences with you next time. Be blessed with health and wellness!

Rev. George H. Latimer-Knight
Tuesday, September 24, 2013