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On the Kanye West and Donald Trump Whitehouse Meeting

Kanye West and Donald Trump met at the Whitehouse on yesterday (October 11, 2018). Kanye stated that he went to discuss a number of issues, including prison reform. Unfortunately, the meeting became a media spectacle. Some of Kanye’s ideas, or at least the premises behind his ideas, are solid. But he is sadly mistaken if he thinks Trump is the one to enact any type of real social justice reform.

Despite my disagreement with Kanye West, I will not resort to calling him a “coon” as some have. Stop name calling! What is a coon anyway? Coon is just a name that black people call other black people with whom they disagree with. It is a meaningless term. Kanye stated yesterday that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But said he’s not actually bipolar. Well, his eradicate behavior over the last few months, including his two surprise visits to the TMZ studio, prove otherwise. There were periods during the Whitehouse press conference where he was completely incoherent.

Kanye West is not a coon, he is mentally ill. He needs help. His wife needs to step in. His team needs to step in. His family (blood and in-laws) need to step in. Kanye needs an immediate intervention. Call out his behavior—yes. But don’t call him names. Pray for him. Pray that God gives somebody—anybody—that he’ll listen to the words to convince him to seek immediate mental health treatment.

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