Hurley’s Feast 2019

We’re coming upon the most wonderful time of year! Father Hurley was born on Sunday, February 17, 1884 in Reynolds, Georgia. This month we will celebrate the 135th anniversary of Father Hurley’s birth. The Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church celebrates Father Hurley’s birthday with the same vigor that people celebrate Christmas. For some of us, Hurley’s Feast is our Christmas, so to speak. So, a Glorious Hurley’s Feast and an Everlasting Dawn of Progression to one and all.

If you are interested in Hurley’s Feast, watch about the first 5 minutes of this video: [.] If you are interested in the Dawn of Progression watch this 16 minute video: [.]

More to come!

We Overcome Through Christ Within

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” — John 16:33

Everything you need is within you right now. This is not some refrain created by the motivational speakers of our day. This is wisdom repeated through the ages. Of course, the more difficult our circumstances, the more difficult it is for us to believe it. How can I already have everything I need, when I don’t have the things I need? We must learn to distinguish between material things and spiritual things.

God within you, which are spiritual forces, has everything you need. As Charles Fillmore wrote, God often won’t give us the money we need but will give us the idea of how to get the money. So, everything you need dwells within your thoughts. Remember, Father Hurley taught us that thoughts are spirit. So, if we learn to get quiet and calm, we will start to see how to overcome our circumstances. The road to our newfound success begins today. Look within.

The Election is Over But Our Activism Should Continue

The 2018 midterm elections are behind us (save a few possible run-offs) but our activism should continue. This is my biggest flaw as a citizen. I stay abreast of current affairs. And as elections near I get more deeply engaged. But I have not taken the time to make activism a part of my world. No, everyone will not be on the frontlines. Everyone will not hold a political office. And politicians are not the only ones at fault for the condition of our nation.

Despite their flaws, our founding Fathers placed the onus on the citizen. If we don’t take the time to stay engaged, then we can’t get angry when ineffective and counterproductive policies go forth. The best news of the 2018 election cycle is that voter turnout broke records throughout the country. My prayer is that we all stay engaged in what’s going on. But my deeper prayer is that more of us find ways to stay involved in the process on a more consistent basis. Contact one of the local community leaders you’ve seen on television. Join the party you tend to vote for. Regular people sit on political committees. Why not you? Volunteer at a local school or nursing home. Stay active and involved!

The Year is Not Over Yet

Greetings to you one and all.

As we near the end of October, I want to encourage you to finish the year strong. I recently saw a social media post that said to start working on next year because this year is over. What!?! Now, I agree that it’s good to start thinking about your goals and plans for next year. But to declare the year over with two full months ahead is fool-hearty at best. You have plenty of time to turn this year around.

Today is your day. As the songwriter said, “Yesterday’s gone. And tomorrow may never be mine.” We are too quick to throw away time. Every moment is precious. If we shouldn’t put off for tomorrow what we ought to do today, then we surely shouldn’t put off for next year what we ought to do this year.

Whatever goals you haven’t reached this year can still be attempted. Let’s say your goal was to lose 50 pounds this year. And you’ve only lost 10 so far. Of course, it’s not likely you’ll lose another 40 pounds in two months. But you could lose another 10 before the year ends. What’s better? Staying at just 10 pounds down and waiting for next year to start over. Or ending the year 20-25 pounds down.

Make every minute count. If you defer your dreams until next year, then what are you going to do with all those precious minutes. Waste them? Maybe even move backwards? No dear one. Now is the time. The year is not over yet.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
Rev. George H. Latimer-Knight, J.D.

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