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The Trial and Resurrection of Father Hurley by Father Hurley

An autographical account by Father George W. Hurley of his severe illness (trial) and subsequent recuperation (resurrection).


The Ethiopian Aquarian Gospel, vol.

The Ethiopian Aquarian Gospel, vol. 1 by Father Hurley

A collection of sermons written by Father George W. Hurley toward the end of his life. The sermons are reflective, powerful, and spirit-filled.


Reverend Mother Cassie Bell Hurley

Reverend C.B. Hurley: “I Need Another Man” (remastered recording) (CD)

A live recording of Mother Hurley preaching the U.H.S. Church Convention doctrinal sermon. She spoke from the text (subject): “I Need Another Man.” We had the original cassette tape REMASTERED. Purchase and enjoy Mother Hurley’s words of wisdom over and over. At the end, we even get to hear a bit of Mother’s beautiful soprano voice. AMEN.


Princess Georgia Latimer: 100th Birthday Celebration

The 100th Birthday Celebration of Princess Georgia Latimer (full service) (2-DVD set)

Saints from throughout the UHSCA gathered in Detroit, Michigan to celebrate the 100th birthday of Princess Georgia Latimer. Reverend Latimer was the daughter of Father Hurley and Mother Hurley. She served in many capacities including, President of the Wisemen Board, Business Manager, Treasurer, Pastor of the Supreme Temple, and manager of the National Headquarters. Hear the ministers and saints as they reflection upon the life and legacy of our beloved, and sorely missed, Princess Georgia Latimer. (2-DVD set)


Four editions of the Rising Sun (the original U.H.S.A. paper)

Four editions of the Rising Sun. We will list the edition dates soon. A must have collection! There are very few of these papers left in existence. Have your own SET TODAY!


UHSC Costitution and By-Laws

U.H.S.C. Constitution and By-Laws (combined)

The UHSC By-Laws were approved and originally printed in 1963. The UHSC Constitution was approved and originally printed in 1967. This volume contains the original covers and pages of each respective book. Nothing has been changed or modified. These volumes are the governing laws of the Universal Hagar’s Spiritual Church Association until the Wisemen Board and the General Assembly adopt revisions.

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